When conflict broke out between the Eladrin and the Drow, the ancestors of the Elves left Elfhaym in search of a new home on the material plane. Unaccustomed to being on the bottom food chain, learning to settle in a new world took its toll on the Elves that migrated. The humans and other races that are native to material plane took a great interest in them, and not necessarily for the right reasons.

It was not long before they found their settlements under attack by more savage groups of humanoids, resulting in the near extinction of Elves on the material plane. Since that time, they have taken to living in small, nomadic groups with a healthy distrust of outsiders. This hasn’t stopped the attacks, and many are careful not to find themselves at the mercy of slave traders and kill any outsiders they do not trust with the location of their band.

Elves prefer to fight from a distance with some form of bow, but like the Eladrin maintain a strong tradition of combat with different bladed weapons. They are quick on their feet, and almost unnaturally precise in everything they do. They are also quite quick, especially in terrain reminiscent of their woodland homes.

Common Physical Characteristics

Elves are similar to the Eladrin in appearance, since the two races are so closely related to each other. They tend to have slender, athletic builds regardless of their actual physical ability and favor woodland tones. The prolonged absence of Faerie magic in their environment has caused them to humanize in their appearance, with the only distinguishing trait being their slightly shorter stature and their sharp, pointed ears and facial features.


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