dwarmoun.gifThe Dwarves are the seafaring children of Njord, the sea god. They are renowned primarily for their capacity for drink and violence, but they are also great engineers and craftsmen. They reside primarily in the Archipelago of Steel, where the mineral rich peaks and bountiful forests provide much of the resources that the average Dwarf relies on for food, forging, and seafaring.

Dwarven society is based strongly on honor, especially among those of the same clan. Although they might appear to be warmongering and bloodthirsty barbarians at first, there is an intricate code of ethics and etiquette that governs one dwarf’s interaction with another. Their outlook on outsiders is less favorable, and depending on the clan or individual Dwarf in question, they can be anything from welcoming, indifferent, or outright hostile, and as such their settlements should be approached with caution.

Outside of their own lands, Dwarves tend to be gracious guests and stalwart companions (especially adventuring Dwarves) and begin to see friends they’ve made almost as a secondary clan, bestowing many of the same kindnesses and offerings onto those friends without expectation of return. They have some inborn wariness of the Dragonborn clans from the scale plate, since raids on dwarven lands are common among the more savage clans.

Physical Characteristics

Dwarves tend to be shorter than humans, standing anywhere between four and just under five feet tall. Despite their height, Dwarves are stocky, muscular, and have a legendary sense of balance harnessed from years of seafaring in some shape or form, be it trading, fighting, or raiding. Male Dwarves are almost always bearded without exception (but of course, there’s always an exception) and keep them clean and styled in a way that varies from clan to clan. Dwarven hair tends to be of earthy tones, with members of a single clan possessing the same hair color due to their close relations. Their clothes are often made of animal hides and often doubles as armor, which is little more than a second skin to a Dwarf.

Common Hair Colours: Dirty Blonde, Brown, Black
Common Eye Colours: Brown, Grey, Green, Blue


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