“Indeed Cotjalar, she was no simple wench. Flaming red hair and eyes like sapphires, not a sight you see every day in these parts. Never in my life has beauty led to fear, and fear so quickly turned to respect, for grace and a warriors heart are truly theirs, by the blessing of the Old Father.”

Female spear warriorWhen a Valkyrie or Valkryth is banished from Iovöllir, they are not simply free to walk the world as an immortal without allegiance. Indeed, such creatures, fueled by little more than malice and vengeance, would be a danger to all. In his great wisdom, Odin declared that those cast from Iovöllir should walk the world as Deva, the fallen ones. Cursed to walk the world with no memory of what came before them, and no insight into what the future holds. To mortals, they are known as Aasimar, children of the gods.

Common Physical Characteristics

Most Aasimar stand slightly taller than a man and are often predisposed to a proud, almost warrior-like stance no matter their actual profession. Regardless of their physical prowess their bodies tend to be athletic in build and their skin seems to take on almost divine glow when exposed to sunlight. The primary qualities that distinguish them more readily from regular humans are their metallic hair colors and gemstone eyes. The more prominent ones tend to be a shining gold, brilliant silver, or crimson red hair accompanied by either emerald green, sapphire blue, and in some cases diamond white or silver eyes.

Height: 5’8 – 6’7
Weight: 160-220

Eye Colors: Emerald Green, Sapphire Blue, Diamond White, Silver
Hair Colors: Gold, Silver, Crimson Red

Common Personality Traits

The range of personalities found among the Aasimar are just as varied as humans, although they mostly tend towards traits commonly associated with good aligned creatures. This is not a rule without exceptions, but often they are driven almost supernaturally towards good deeds.

Other Common Traits: Withdrawn, contemplative, noble, loyal, courageous, mysterious, arrogant, proud, wise, otherworldly

Playing an Aasimar

Aasimar are now their own race! Huzzah!

Ability Score Increase. Your Charisma score is increased by 2. Your Constitution score is increased by 1. Your Strength score is increased by 1.

Size Aasimar are medium creatures and stand between 5’8 and 6’8.

Age Aasimar are for all intents and purposes immortal. They do not age, nor are they born in the traditional sense. They can be killed as easily as any man.

Alignment As the mortal spirits of past heroes Aasimar tend towards good alignments, but may not necessarily hold the values of the land above their own causing them to favor Neutral Good and Chaotic Good above other alignments. As always, there are exceptions to the rule.

Arms of Iovöllir You gain proficiency with the Long Spear, Longsword and Warhammer as well as Light Armour, Medium Armor, and Shields.

Divine Grace You have advantage on saving throw rolls against disease.

Intuitive Recall You gain proficiency in an additional skill from your class list.

Touch of the Divine Gain Light and Sacred Flame as at-will cantrips.


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