The Sun, the sister of the moon, from the south;
Her right hand cast over heaven’s rim.

This day is named for Sunna, the Sun Goddess and sister to Mani.


The moon knows not what power he possessed;
The stars knew not where they had a station.

This day is named for Mani, the Moon God and brother to Sunna.


Yet remains that one who is called Tyr;
He is most daring, and best in stoutness of heart,
and he has much authority over victory in battle;
it is good for men of valor to invoke him.

This day is named for Tyr, the just god. If a man is too be judged for his crimes, it is considered just that judgement be levied during Tyrna.


God is the origin of all language;
Wisdom’s foundation and wise man’s comfort,
and to every hero blessing and hope.

The middle day of the week is named for Odin, the Old Father.


This day is named for Thor.


This day is named for Freyr.


Suttungr is a somewhat unique day in that it is named for a giant and not a god.


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