The Vanir

The Vanir are gods, much like the Aesir, but they represent the more primal elements of Midgard, making their worship more common amongst wild races such as Elves and Dwarves. The Vanir reside on the plane of Vaniheim, a plane that is similar in some ways to Ivöllir that represents the more chaotic aspects of the Vanir themselves. There is no defined leader among them. Instead, each Vanir speaks for his or herself and more unified decisions are often decided at a gathering. There was a time when the Vanir warred with the Aesir, but peace has long reigned between the two groups.

Neutral Good God

Njord is the Sea God, the unofficial leader of the Vanir pantheon, and father of Dwarves.

Domains: Nature, Tempest

Lawful Neutral God

Domains: Nature, War

Neutral Good Goddess

Domains: Life

Mani, the Moon
Chaotic Neutral God

Domains: Madness

Sunna, the Sun
Lawful Neutral Greater God

Domains: Light

Skadi, the Sky
Chaotic Good God

Domains: Nature

The Vanir

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