The reclusive and enigmatic Eladrin dwell in Alfheim, a demi-plane that mirrors the material plane and twists it with the magic of the faeries. In keeping with their home, the Eladrin themselves are more fairy than man, and many people will live their entire lives without ever seeing one and those who do are enamored by their beauty. eladrin.jpg

The Eladrin city of Elfhaym is said to only appear during a lunar eclipse, a natural phenomenon that occurs in Valhalain only once a year. During this event the fabric that separates Alfheim from Midgard is diminished, causing places where it is already thin to manifest.

As exceptionally long-lived creatures, the Eladrin have mastered many arts both magical and martial. Their preferred weapons are long spears, but many master the longsword as well for situations when a longspear is unwieldy. Both of these weapons lend themselves well to the often flamboyant and precise fighting techniques of the Eladrin. As faerie creatures, even those not versed in the arts of war often wield mysterious magic, either through a pact with one of the fey lieges or through the study of arcane magic similar to other wizards. The elite servants of the fey lieges are said to wield the fey blades, powerful swords crafted entirely of arcane magic and bonded to their intended recipient.

Common Physical Characteristics

It is difficult to describe the physiology of the Eladrin, as one group may have little in common with another. Their facial features are often sharp, their eyes are glowing orbs of any color of the rainbow, and their hair is said to change with the seasons and include bright greens, deep blues and other strange colors not natively found among other races. Like their cousins the elves, they are often lithe and athletic in appearance even if not particularly so.


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