System: D&D 5th Edition
Starting Level: 1

Where: Athfort, Kingdom of Solisia

Athfort is the last stop in regards to Solisia’s western holdings. A frontier region located on a large island less than 100km off the coast of the mainland with good hunting, lush forests, fresh water from the small patch of mountains and fertile soil. The capital, a trading town of roughly 1,200 people that shares the regions name is located on the western side of the island while the small village of Themich resides on the eastern bank and serves as a landing point for travelers from the rest of the Solisia and counts roughly 200 people among it’s population.

In recent memory the Heroes of Athfort have retired, taking up close to home jobs where their skills can still be used. What this means for the people of Athfort is a need for new heroes to take up arms against the creatures that threaten them. The size of the island makes it difficult to patrol all of it and Goblins, bandits, Dwarven marauders, and other things that cause problems for the people of Athfort.

Lord Athfort employs a small retinue of soldiers, a small force of watchmen but neither of these are enough to keep peace in the region and their resources are being stretched very thin.

This brings us to today, on the 1st day of Harpa, a new group of heroes is ready to be sworn in to the service of Athfort. Who they are and what they will accomplish is yet to be seen, but rumor has it they have been chosen from the best and brightest Ashfort has to offer.


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