The Planes

The multi-verse exists along the various parts of the world tree known as Yggdrasil. The trunk of Yggdrasil can be found running through the center of worlds that exist along it, while the roots and branches provide pathways to the planes that exist along them.



Asgard is the home of the gods and the location Ivollir, the city of the gods. Many of the Aesir gods reside on Asgard, connected to the other planes by the Bifrost bridge. Atop Ivollir is Valhalla, the home of Odin and the hall of heroes.


Vanaheim is the home of the Vanir gods. A lush plane where nature runs rampant.


Jotenheim is the home of the Giants. Covered in dense forests and deep lakes, the Giants here subsist off of game and fish due to a lack of fertility in the soil.


Alfheim is the home of the Eladrin, or “Light Elves”. It is a plane of eternal summer and infused to the roots with magic. The Eladrin themselves are powerful partly celestial beings and the ancestors of the modern Elf.


Midgard is the middle plane, and home to most of the mortal races. It has close connections to Alfheim and Niflheim, whose proximity can be measured by the seasons. They are closest to Midgard and come merge with it for a small window of time during the Summer and Winter Equinox.


Svartalfheim exists as an extension of Midgard. It is a vast labyrinth of caverns inhabited by strange creatures. It is also home to the Drow, or “Dark Elves”, a subterranean race similar to surface elves but physically adapted to centuries of life underground.


Niflheim is a plane of ice, mist, and snow. It is the home of the malevolent Frost Giants, who rebelled along with the Fire Giants when the giants of Jotenheim made peace with the gods.


Muspelheim is the plane of fire, rock, and lava. It is the home of the Fire Giants, who like their Frost Giant cousins, rebelled when peace was made with the gods. Powerful warriors with an outwordly aggressive disposition, they are constantly plotting to invade the other planes.


The Plane of Hel is a dark, gloomy plain where the goddess Hel presides over the land of the dead.


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